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  1. Post your Gear--
  2. Studio Pics--
  3. Here is a cool link that I found on Metallica's amp and drum settings.
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  5. Youtube video of me *floyd rose* content.
  6. History of Floyd Rose, the inventor of Floyd Rose Tremolo system...
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  8. Do you name your axe and what is your guitar's name?
  9. Mics from recording amps
  10. Effects loop
  11. what strings do you use???
  12. Eminence vs Celestion Vs EV.
  13. anyone here use locking straps.. or just regular ??
  14. what kind of guitar picks do you use or size...
  15. who loves floyd rose guitars???
  16. Potting Pickups "How To" step by step
  17. very cool Gig bag my wife got me today....
  18. The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$)
  19. How It's Made - Guitar Strings
  20. Different Types of Distortion
  21. Plectrum preference?
  22. One more week...
  23. Metal Mufff question...
  24. Time to check out some different gear
  25. Wikipedia and guitar gear
  26. Cheap interface.....
  27. Check it out...
  28. Anyone know how to work with Tolex/vinyl?
  29. Ever win any gear?
  30. Series or parallel?
  31. NBTD! (New Bobbin Toppers Day!)
  32. Enlighten me please!
  33. MOVED: Tascam GTR1 Portable Guitar / Bass Recorder
  34. My not very interesting band practice report (but with pics, sorta)
  35. NMD (New Mandolin Day)!
  36. Where to find an Original Floyd Rose Tremolo system?
  37. How to remove the gold plate from guitar hardware?
  38. How To Build a Fuzz Pedal
  39. How to Install the Tremol-No System
  40. Overdrive?
  41. Carvin V3
  42. squier vintage modified telecaster HSS
  43. Hello
  44. Building a guitar out of bamboo wood?
  45. Be Shown by Dave Green how to make your own Hayden Guitar
  46. F/s: Brand New Ludwig Classic Maple 4-Piece Drum : 700 EURO
  47. For Sell :Korg M3 88 88-key Workstation/Roland FP-7 88-key Digital Stage Piano/ADAM A
  48. Michael Angelo Batio: Me And Randy Rhoads 'Had Similar Backgrounds'
  49. The COMPLETE Guitar Repair & Set-Up Clinic
  50. BUILD YOUR OWN CIGAR BOX AMP - Intro to Electronics Workshop!
  51. Inexpensive guitar wall hangers, pick holders, cable hangers, ect.
  52. My latest project... FrankenStrat lives!
  53. Model 62 9056
  54. Budget Fixer Upper For Schecter Omen 6
  55. Thế n*o được gọi l* đình chỉ thai an to*n
  56. Ku368 trang cá độ bóng đá uy t*n có những khuyến mãi gì