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  1. G.W Bush Quotes!
  2. Massive Xbox Recall -- Will cost Mircrosoft over $1 Billion
  3. PayPal is bullshit!
  4. 24 illegal song downloads cost US woman 220,000 dollars
  5. George W. Bush says.....
  6. Politics. Do you like anyone running for president?
  7. "Joe is Right"
  8. Detroit City council approves move too fire Mayor Kilpatrick.
  9. The CEO of Gibson was explaining how he turned the company around
  10. Who do you like for this election?
  11. Big PA primary tomorrow....
  12. Obama's Pastor
  13. Voting Socialist?
  14. I'm voting Republican
  15. John McCain faces lawsuit for infringement & false endorsement
  16. McCain Steals DNC flags from Denver.
  17. Blame on a google error to cause HUGE stock market melt down today
  18. Be sure to vote today...
  19. which way do you go???