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  1. Demonized (currently dormant)
  2. My band, BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN...
  3. Back Alley Desocration
  4. Shadow of Creation
  5. American Hardcore (original hard rock)
  6. How to Promote Your CD
  7. Tips and Strategies On MySpace Music Marketing, Promotion And Online Branding Fo
  8. ...Of the Reknown
  9. Our song: Sponge Bog Square Pantes
  10. What do you guys think of my cover of "Wish You Were Here"?
  12. Comments on my bands performance
  13. Now we're promoting a Tron Robot Auto band? Oh no!
  14. New website for my band
  15. Homeless Benefit Sun 4/26 Gainesville FL
  16. BRDLWN @ Rock the Dash
  17. 72 hrs
  18. The Tone King's Live Webcast - Live Gear Web-Talk
  19. Any loopers here? Seeking odd sounds for compilation CD
  20. Playing in a theatre production - any advice?
  21. Hourstruck Swamp Core Metal Band
  22. Playing in a Broadway type show (again)
  23. Easy song (My own composition)
  24. Heather Willams Tour Dates...
  25. Some metal song
  26. Yellow room
  27. Free money
  28. My new rock song
  29. CandyRush-Music.com - Desa Systems - Origin of Us
  30. Three Thirty Three (My Own Composition)
  31. The Sonic Heavy's First Album
  32. Romance de Amor (My Interpretation)
  33. Dunkelstrom calling... Adam Qadamon
  34. Almost The Last (Composition on the classical guitar)
  35. Dunkelstrom.com strikes back!
  36. Short But Simple (A Little Bit Improvised)
  37. Some Blues Background
  38. Rites of Loops - Rituals_been off
  39. Not Perfect Humans
  40. JOSEPH FERRANTE, the piano tuner of George Harrison
  41. The recomposition of Hey Jude by JOSEPH FERRANTE (extreme guitar work)
  42. Dunkelstrom.com - A. Qadamon @ Rites Of Loops - Occupy
  43. Some punkish/pop punkish/rock/or something like that song idea
  44. Funk Rock Song Idea
  45. Another song by JOSEPH FERRANTE
  46. A ballad of JOSEPH FERRANTE
  47. Shallow Blues (I'm not buying it)
  48. James Otto (My most favorite singer)
  49. Music Promotion
  50. Mastering Online CHEAP!!!
  51. Dead Memory - Musikvideo "White Rabbit"
  52. Dead Memory - Brand New Day (Snow Edition)
  53. Here is my new percussive guitar song and video.Thoughts? :)
  54. Dean O'Selly Instrumental Rock Tracks
  55. Dead Memory - "Sky is falling" (Musicvideo)
  56. Greetings!That's my last cover.Thoughts? :)
  57. new musicvideo "lipstick on the mirror" by DEAD MEMORY
  58. Peculiar versions of the Rock Classics
  59. Dead Memory - Rise of Red and White (New Musicvideo)
  60. Dead Memory - Only One Try (New Musicvideo)
  61. Thế n*o được gọi l* đình chỉ thai an to*n