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Reload this Page The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$)
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Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$)
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Default Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$) - 04-25-2008, 11:09 AM

far better than my metal washer idea..... specially since you'll be shitfaced enough to laugh when your guitar hits the floor :-D hehehe

stuff it....... then bake it.......
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Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$)
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Default Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$) - 08-26-2008, 01:47 PM

Well I am going to have to get some strap locks I didn't think I would ever need them and the last gig we plays I was doing something with my cable and both sides of my strap came off I caught it at about 4 inches from the ground I was worried all night after that lol didn't happen again though but I am sure it will later so yep time for them locks or washers lol one of the 2 I cant use the beer bottle ones I don't like beer and Captain Morgan don't have them lol.
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Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$)
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Default Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$) - 08-27-2008, 12:49 PM

linseed oil on the neck for every restring job. Also check your tuning peg nuts are tight and check for loose screws when doing a restring. :bowz:

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Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$)
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Default Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$) - 08-27-2008, 09:09 PM

I use good ole' spit to clean the gunk off my frets,fretboard, and basically everywhere on my axe. For the really tough caked on gunk, I use naptha(zippo lighter fluid). Then use lemon oil rightr after to re- "wet" the wood. When I'm setting intonation or doing some other maintenence on my axe where I have to loosen all the strings, I use popsicle sticks to hold my Floyd up from being pulled into the recess by the springs. If you stack them, they'll hold. Instead of paying 14 bucks for a little bitty bottle of "Nut Sauce", I use mineral oil to lube the nut and rollers on my bridge, it helps to make your tuning a lot more "stable", especially with a tremelo. Before doing this I use to break strings even when tuning down. Graphite works really good too(think pencil lead). Mineral oil can also be used(sparingly) to wipe your strings down with. Look at the main ingredient for "Fast Fret".

Edit: You can also use the mineral oil to play a joke on your drummer or bass player, just pour a good dose of it in his/her drink, it's tastless and odorless. Makes a GREAT laxative, as a matter of fact, thats what it is!

Always scoop the mids!!
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Default 02-03-2011, 02:58 PM

Originally Posted by jeffreyliu838 View Post
Who needs production fret board cleaner when you've got a wire brush and lemon oil?
a wire brush will destroy your frets. take a business card or one of the plastic business card shaped calenders you get for free from churches, take an exacto knife and cut out the shape of a fret. then get som #0000 steel wool and you've got your very own fret polisher.

this will save money from having to pay techs to:
swap out pickups
wire pots /switches
broken ground wires
input jack
pre amps
acoustic EQ's

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Default 01-07-2013, 10:14 AM

a hard bristle tooth brush should work better than a wire brush. i always use lemon oil on my necks, and i clean them every time i change the strings.

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Default 01-09-2013, 11:23 PM

Here's one that many of you already know but I post it for any newbies...

If you strap button screw seems loose (i.e., the hole in the guitar body is "stripped") or if you're putting on a new set of strap locks that use a thinner screw than the original one that came with the guitar, you can save the cost of taking the guitar to a professional luthier to fix by following these simple steps:
  • Get a wooden "farmers" match stick
  • Put some wood glue on it (don't over do it or you'll have a mess) and use it to plug the screw hole (the match should fit snuggly into the hole)
  • Cut off the match so that it is flush with the body (i.e., trim the part sticking out - this should be the "blue tip" end of the match)
  • Let the glue dry and "set up" (usually an hour is plenty of time)
  • Now install the new strap locks and thread its new (thinner) screw carefully into the plugged hole and you should have a solid, snug set!

LOL - I just saw that Brian beat me to it on this tip!

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