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Amptweaker Tight Metal Guitar Pedal
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Default Amptweaker Tight Metal Guitar Pedal - 04-01-2011, 12:28 PM

Amptweaker TightMetal Guitar Pedal -- Check out this monster. This is a tone machine for those metal heads and thrash guitarists. This is probably one of best distortion [metal] pedals that I've ever heard. But, in my opinion, the price is way too high at $180 big ones. Read more from James Brown after checking out the video.

[ame=""]YouTube - Tight Metal pedal : Mark of Misery Index[/ame]

More: Amptweaker Tight Metal Guitar Pedal

From James Brown:
In the video, Mark was playing the pedal by connecting it into the effects return of his amp. Of course the power amp and speaker can affect it a lot too, the point is that he is now able to fly to gigs with the pedal in his guitar case, and play through whatever amp that's provided and still get the right feel and tone.

Here's my response to Wookieslayer's email:
"My booth at NAMM was swarmed with metal players. I think they're all used to 'metal' pedals being something for kids that don't know what a real amp like that sounds like...more of a caricature of a metal tone. I've been designing amps for 24 years, including the 5150, XXX, and JSX at Peavey and the Kustom Coupes and Double Cross, so I approached the gain and tone on this pedal as an amp designer. Mark emailed me back yesterday and said that the pedals(he bought a second one for the other guitarist) saved their gig on Saturday since they flew in and got stuck playing through some amps that didn't respond like they needed it to. He just plugged the pedal into the effects return, and everything was fine."

Anyway, I sell them online for $180, currently just taking pre-orders until I get my chassis metal in over the next couple of weeks.

My main focus as Amptweaker has been to build products with consumer's advice and suggested features and things. I have a product suggestion button on my site, and a lot of the cool features on my stuff came from people sending in that kind of stuff. I also bounce ideas around on forums sometimes, previously on gearpage and rig-talk, but I'll be glad to throw some stuff out here for you guys' opinion if that's cool.

The TightMetal started out with some emails I got from Mark Kloeppel from Misery Index. He was looking for a distortion pedal that he could use for these fly in gigs, but couldn't find anything out there that could do the job. Other than the tone being right, he also needed a built-in noise gate that was set up to stop the notes really hard. I also received MANY emails from other players wanting something that could get in the ballpark of the Peavey 5150 or Peavey XXX tone, so I spent the last year developing the Tight Control for adjusting the attack, and the appropriate distortion circuitry based on my lower gain TightDrive to get it done. I just introduced this new model at NAMM and now I'm feverishly getting it to market.

James Brown

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Default 04-05-2011, 05:39 PM

that thing sounds nice.... but i agree the price is way to high....... but very cools.. will keep a eye out for one used....
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