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WTT Mesa Mark IV for...?
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Default WTT Mesa Mark IV for...? - 06-24-2008, 06:35 PM

I bought this amp in November from Rampage on HC and I really like it, but lately I've been wanting something different and can't afford to have 2 high quality amps right now. The amp is rackmounted with the rackmount kit so it doesn't come with the headshell. It's mounted in a 6-space Road-Ready Rack Case, which I may be willing to part with as well. The amp is a '91 Rev A Mark IV.

The amp has:

*Brand new tubes (just put in Monday, 2 hours on them)
-Inside: 2 Svetlana 6L6GC
-Outside: 2 Ruby EL34B-STR
-V1: Tung-Sol 12AX7
-V2: Shuguang 9th Gen 12AX7
-V3: JJ High Gain EC883
-V4: Penta 12AT7
-V5: Mullard 12AX7
*Footswitch (Fully-Working)

Both FX-Loops fully working as well as everything else on the amp. Cosmetically the amp is flawless, except for 3 small wears on the top of the chassis from rack burn, nothing that affects the amp. Fan inside is fully operational and amp runs at optimal temperatures with it.

It really is something to be heard with the EL-34 and 6L6 mix in it. Sounds awesome and very nice sounding in the mid-range.

What I'm looking for to trade for:

EVH 5150 III
Splawn Nitro
Mako Mak2
VHT Pittbull
ENGL Powerball
Bogner Shiva
Diezel Einstein

May take a look at other amps as well, must have at least a clean channel (NOT looking for a Peavey) and a distortion channel, high-gain.

I'd prefer someone in Arizona to trade with as I really like to play the amp before hand and make sure everything is how I want it (not that I'm calling any of you guys liars, I've just had it happen to me before on other things and would prefer it not to happen on something as expensive as this). However, I may consider out-of-state trades if you're REALLY willing to work with me and give me tons of pictures I can add some cash if needed for some of the more expensive amps as well.

If you have any other questions, let me know!


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[URL=][SIZE=5]Mesa/Boogie Price
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