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Default 07-15-2011, 07:35 PM

Based on what you’ve described, I would say that your tone is absolutely suffering as a result of the loose speaker...

Fortunately, the fix is simple. Speakers are mounted to cabinets with hardware such as screws, hex nuts and so on. Though these should keep speakers securely attached to the cabinet, they may become loose over time from cabinet vibration, transport, rough handling or damage. Determine how the speaker is mounted inside your amp and remount it with the appropriate hardware. If screws have become loose, tighten them. If they are stripped and won’t hold the speaker to the cabinet, you’ll have to fill the screw holes before replacing the screws. Use a wood dowel slightly smaller than the screw diameter to fill the holes, then replace the screws. They should tighten firmly in the newly filled holes.

In addition, be sure that the speaker wires are still connected and that the connections are not broken or weakened. If they are damaged, they will have to be resoldered. This is an easy job to perform, but I recommend that you let an amp repair shop do it for you. They’ll make quick work of the job and shouldn’t charge you more than about $25.

Hope this helps!

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