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Belated gig report w/boring pix!
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Talking Belated gig report w/boring pix! - 05-05-2010, 11:05 AM

One of my side bands, Cinnamon Hill, played a show at Great Outdoors up in High Springs, Florida, Thursday night. In that band I am primarily the mandolinist (despite my novice status on the instrument), but our regular guitarist is in the outback down under, so I have been playing both mandolin and guitar in that band of late.

I brought both my mandos (Fender and Oscar Schmidt) and two of my nicer guitars, my LP Classic and '52 Tele AVRI, since this was sort of an "audition gig" to see if we might start playing there more regularly. Played the Fender mando and the LP all night, with the others as backups I didn't resort to. The house reportedly liked us and the performance was good. I did OK on mandolin; though my guitar wasn't up to our previous show (when I was inexplicably on fire) it was passable.

Had a couple nice free beers, and the split just from tips alone was $12. The house gave us $25/person. So, that's $37 in cash and another $5 or $6 worth of beer. Was there from about 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., played from ~6:30-9:30. Coulda got some free food as well, but wanted to skedaddle as kids were home alone all night, and eating at 10 p.m. is not necessarily a good idea.

Hopefully they'll have us back, a fun show. A friend of mine took pics, which I just got access to, and we actually had a small batch of folks drive up from Gainesville, including a couple of my wife's work friends, which was nice.

These were taken by my good buddy Trip:

Will bump with more later. No guitar face/crazy ones from this band though.

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