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Fender_man 09-17-2008 11:44 PM

Agile AL-2000
Would the agile AL-2000 be a step up from a Fender MIM Strat?

I wanna play hard rock and I have decided on a vox ad15vt amp :love:

MrSandMan 09-19-2008 10:30 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
Agile rock. They are great guitars for the mulla

Brian Krashpad 10-02-2008 03:25 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
The Agile LP would probably be more suited to hard rock. The indirect impression I get (I have an Agle SG) is that a 2000-level LP will be about the same quality level as a MIM Fender, or of Epiphone.

jackal 10-08-2008 07:16 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
Definetly would be an upgrade get the agile, Mr. Sandman would agree

MrSandMan 10-08-2008 07:24 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
I do agree. Agile's are amazing guitars. (I'd like to get an AL-3000 Root Beer!) :biggrin:

Perfect Stranger 10-16-2008 05:17 AM

Re: Agile AL-2000
Agile makes an incredible guitar! I just got this Agile yesterday and it is stunning....absolutely fit and finish and in playing and sound!

I highly recommend these guitars. And the customer service at Rondo Music cannot be beat!

MrSandMan 10-16-2008 02:43 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
Now that is a beautiful masterpiece PS! I really like the nat spalted too, great choice indeed! What model is that?

I've been a HUGE fan of Agile for quite some time now and would recommend their instruments to anyone, from beginners, novice, bedroom players, to the working professional musician. Rondo guitars are perfection.

Welcome to the boards PS. :sweet:

Perfect Stranger 10-16-2008 02:50 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
It's the Agile Dauntless SBD Spalted Natural

MrSandMan 10-18-2008 09:11 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
Nice, I also like the Rootbeer. Love the color.

Fender_man 10-18-2008 09:27 PM

Re: Agile AL-2000
I'm definitely getting an Agile. Not sure what color. I do like the spalted look,,, I subscribed to rondo's newsletter and they email me when they have specials,,, so I'm waiting for a clearance deal

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