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GuitarJack 07-14-2011 08:01 PM

Help with Epiphone Goth Les Paul fret buzz
I have a Epiphone Goth Les Paul that I tune all the way down to drop A with .012só.068 strings. I have no problems with the guitar except for some fret buzz. I decided to try to fix the buzzing by myself by raising the bridge.This eliminated the buzzing, but I noticed that the strings didnít feel as snappy as they should. I lowered the bridge and the strings felt snappy and fresh again, but the buzzing came back. Should I be doing something in addition to adjusting the bridge?

Fender_man 07-14-2011 08:47 PM

The problem youíre experiencing mainly stems from the low tuning youíre using and how it relates to the scale length of your guitar. Most (though certainly not all) standard guitars have scale lengths that range from 24 3/4 (as on your Epiphone Les Paul) to 25-1/2 inches, and they are designed for string diameters that range from .008 to .056. By comparison, a baritone guitar tuned to low A would have a scale length of about 30 inchesó more than five inches longer than the scale length on your Paulóand use strings with diameters that range from .013 to .070 or even .080. Under the circumstances, you can probably see why your Les Paul is experiencing buzzing and poor string response, even with heavier-gauge strings.

The most important suggestion I can offer is to have your guitar's nut recut to compensate for the larger-diameter strings. This should reduce fret buzz and help your strings retain the snappy feel you like. In addition, have the truss rod adjusted until itís just shy of dead straight. This, too, will reduce buzzing and improve string responsiveness. Lastly, you might want to try even heavier gauge strings to improve not only responsiveness but also tone.

These recommendations should alleviate the problems you're having. With that said, given the realities of scale length and your low tuning, I donít think that they will make your guitarís performance perfect, just better.

GuitarJack 07-15-2011 01:47 PM

Wow, thanks for such a great and indepth response!!

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