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Reload this Page Line 6 pod hd 300 questions from a newbie
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Line 6 pod hd 300 questions from a newbie
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Default Line 6 pod hd 300 questions from a newbie - 03-19-2012, 03:25 PM

Hi folks. New hd 300 owner here. I'm loving the pedal so far, just a few minor gripes. Being a totally blind user, I can't read the display so can't deep-edit. I was hoping the hd 300 edit software would be accessible, but the graphic interface prevents my screen reader from doing anything with it. I do havea few questions, and I'm hoping these don't sound stupid. I'm a newbie when it comes to gear. I'm 19 and have been playing for 10 years, but never invested or did research about gear because I never needed it. I always played on my own until now. This is my first big investment, and I'm well-pleased other than what said above. Now onto my questions...
1. When scrolling through presets, I find that some are much quieter than others. Even when the channel volume maxed out, I can barely hear anything through headphones unless I turn the master volume all the way up, and even then it's quite quiet.But if I scroll to the next preset over, in some instances the change is so drastic it's scary. One moment I can't hear my guitar, and the next preset over is so loud it makes my head ring. Am I missing something??
2. USB monitoring. Does this have to be turned on in the pedal itself? When I plug the pedal into my computer to use it as an audio interface I get no audio feedback whatsoever, even in the hd 300 edit software.
3. Lastly, when I scroll through my amp models with the amp knob, there's only 16 options. But the site says there are 22 amp models. What am I missing?
Hope someone can help... and again, appologies if these questions have seemingly simple answers. Thanks!
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Default 04-12-2012, 04:17 PM

Just one quick thought: Line 6 are a good, socially conscious company. It might be worth approaching them about the limitations of their software. They will probably do something about it.

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