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Digitech IPS 33B Questions
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Default Digitech IPS 33B Questions - 02-01-2018, 07:12 PM

Hey all, my first post here on the forum, hopefully someone can give me a hand.

I acquired a Digitech IPS 33B about a year ago and have been since trying to figure the thing out. I havenít put any significant effort into it, but have a good chunk of time between jobs now so I am really trying to wrap up all these things Iíve been meaning to get to...anyway:

The unit began acting strange right away, basically not remembering presets, returning strange user edits after I factory restored it etc. Basically things that seemed consistent with descriptions Iíd read around the web suggesting the unit needed its battery replaced. Now, however, when I plug the unit in, I do not get any read out one the display screen. It lights up slightly, but noting else. This happened right after I took the fuse out and looked at it, then put it back in, perhaps the two are correlated, perhaps not.

So my questions:

1. Does anyone know if this does sound like a battery issue, and that I should simply replace the battery?

1b. If yes, does anyone know what kind of battery, where I would get it and where to put it? I looked around on the unit, but see nowhere obvious that a battery could go. I did not open the unit, as I wanted to get some more information first.

2. If it does not sound like a battery issue, does anyone have any other thoughts?

Many thanks in advance.
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