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Reload this Page For Sell :Korg M3 88 88-key Workstation/Roland FP-7 88-key Digital Stage Piano/ADAM A
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For Sell :Korg M3 88 88-key Workstation/Roland FP-7 88-key Digital Stage Piano/ADAM A
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Default For Sell :Korg M3 88 88-key Workstation/Roland FP-7 88-key Digital Stage Piano/ADAM A - 07-09-2010, 06:03 AM

Hello Buyers.

we sell all kinds of musical Instruments at affordable prices.

Producst like:

Mapex Pro M 7-Piece Fusion Pop???..$280.00
Ludwig Classic Maple 4-Piece Drum???.$700.00
Mapex Saturn 6-Piece Studio Drum Set Electric Blue???.$450.00
Ludwig Accent Fab 4 4-Piece Drum Set???..$350.00 d
Mapex M Birch Studio 6-Piece Studio Drum Set????..$320.00
Pacific LXE Series 5-Piece Tiger Ash Red Finish Drum Set w/ Black Hardware?.$400.00
Tama Superstar 7-Piece Double Bass?????????$300.00
Roland TD-20S V-Pro Electronic Drum Set????$850.00
Roland TD-12S V-Stage Electronic Drum Set????$690.00
Roland TD-9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Set ????$650.00
Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set????$600.00
Roland TD-3SW V-Compact Drum Set????$350.00


Yamaha O2R96V2 Digital Mixer ????????$2200.00
Yamaha PM4000 Console Digital Mixer????.$4900.00
YAMAHA DM2000V2- DIGITAL CONSOLE ??????.$6000.00
Yamaha M7CL-48 48Ch Digital Mixing Console ???????$10,000.00
Yamaha 01V96 V2 Digital Mixer ???????$850.00
YAMAHA PM5D Version 2 Live Sound Console Digital Mixer ??????.$18,000.00
Yamaha PM4000 Console Digital Mixer????.$4900.00
YAMAHA DM2000V2- DIGITAL CONSOLE ??????.$6000.00
Yamaha M7CL-48 48Ch Digital Mixing Console ???????$10,000.00
Yamaha N12 12-Channel Digital Mixer??????$550.00
Yamaha N8 8-Channel Digital Mixer ??????.$350.00

Korg M3 M Workstation/Sampler???????.$550.00
Korg Pa2XPro 76-key Arranger Keyboard?????..$650.00
Korg TR61 61-key Workstation?????..$380.00
Korg M3 73 73-key Workstation/Sampler?????..$620.00
Korg M3 61 61-key Workstation????????.$600.00
Korg PA50 Arranger Workstation????..$300.00
Korg X50 Synthesizer??????.$280.00
KORG PA800 PRO ARRANG ??????$650.00
Korg TR88 88-key Workstation ??????..$450.00
KORG TRITON TR61??????$390.00
Korg Pa500 61-key Arranger Keyboard ??????.$520.00
Korg CX3 Digital Drawbar Organ??????.$540.00
Korg RADIAS Synthesizer???????$440.00
Korg OASYS 88 88-Key Workstation ?????????$2100.00
Korg NC-300 88-Key????????.$550.00
Korg TR-76 76-Key Keyboard???????.$58.00
Korg M3 88 88-key Workstation ???????$850.00

Roland Fantom-G6 61-key Sampling Synth Workstation?????..$900.00
Roland G-70 76-key Arranger Keyboard????.$1200.00
Roland V-Synth GT 61-key Variable Oscillator Synthesizer/Sampler????$900.00
Roland V-Synth XT Rack/Tabletop Synthesizer???..$800.00
Roland FP-7 88-key Digital Stage Piano????..$850.00
Roland VP-550 Vocal-modeling Keyboard ?????.$580.00
Roland FP-4 DIgital Piano with 88 Keys??????.$530.00
Roland EXR-46 OR Arranger Keyboard??????$430.00
Roland Fantom-G8 88-key Sampling Synth Workstation????..$1200.00
Roland Fantom-G7 76-key Sampling Synth Workstation?????$$1100.00
Roland Fantom-XR 128-Voice Expandable Synthesizer????$600.00
Roland VK-8M Desktop Virtual Tonewheel Organ Module ????.$350.00
Roland Fantom-XR 128-Voice Expandable Synthesizer????$400.00
Roland FP-7C 88-key Digital Piano with Stand????$700.00
Roland RP-101 88-key Digital Grand Piano??????..$550.00
Roland MP-70 88-note Hammer Action Digital Piano????$550.00
Roland VK-8 61-Key Modeled??????..$600.00
Roland RD-300GX 88-key Digital Stage Piano?????$590.00
Roland FP-4C 88-key Digital Piano with Stand?????.$600.00
Roland RD-700SX 88-Key Expandable Digital Piano????.$650.00


ADAM Audio S3A Studio Monitor??????.$900.00
ADAM Audio P22A Studio Monitor??????.$500.00
ADAM Audio P33A Studio Monitor?????$540.00
ADAM Audio Sub10 MK2 Studio Monitor?????..$550.00
ADAM Audio S2A Studio Monitor?????.$560.00
ADAM Audio S2.5A Studio Monitor???????$950.00
ADAM Audio System 1-10 Studio Monitor??????$1200.00
ADAM Audio S4VA MK2 Studio Monitor????????$1400.00
ADAM Audio Sub24 Studio Monitor??????$850.00
JBL LSR4328P Pak Studio Monitor????..$550.00
JBL LSR4326P Pak Studio Monitor???????.$500.00
JBL LSR4312SP Studio Monitor???????$450.00
JBL LSR6328P Package Studio Monitor ????????.$900.00
JBL LSR6325P/5.1 Studio Monitor?????.$1500.00
JBL LSR6332 Studio Monitor ???????..$550.00
JBL LSR6312SP Studio Monitor?????..$520.00
JBL LSR6328P Studio Monitor???????.$500.00

Analog Way Video Routers & Switchers CTX-8022 CentriX 8?2 Mixer ? ??.$2000.00
Analog Way Video Routers & Switchers EVX-8022HD EventiX 8?2 Mixer ? ??.$2500.00
Audio Developments AD144 12-Input Studio and Remote Mixer ???..$6500.00
Genelec Active Monitors 1036A 3100W Three-Way Active Main Control ? ??$15,000.00
Analog Way Video Routers & Switchers DVX-8022 Di-VentiX 8?2 Mixer ? ??.$4500.00
Audio Developments AD144 14-Input Studio and Remote Mixer ????.$8000.00

Mackie TT System32 ?????.$4200.00
Mackie Digital X Bus Console ?????.$4900.00
Midas XL340 Mixing Console ?????..$5000.00
Mackie TT24 Digital Live Console Mixer ??????.$1600.00
Paragon PII Monitor Console ??????..$11000.00
Tascam DM4800 Digital Mixer ?????..$1150.00
TASCAM DM-3200 Digital Mixer ??????.$650.00
Access Virus TI Polar ????..$1050.00
Access Virus TI Desktop????.$850.00


Gibson Custom Johnny A. Signature w/Bigsby Guitar................$2,500usd
Gibson Custom Johnny A. Signature Guitar..................$2,000usd
Gibson Memphis ES-175 Reissue Guitar.........................$1,850usd
Gibson Memphis Herb Ellis Signature ES-165 Guitar.................$1,350usd
Gibson Shred-X Explorer Guitar.........................$1,200usd
Gibson Limited Edition Robot SG Special Guitar.......................$1,150usd
Gibson Limited Edition Robot Les Paul Studio Guitar..........................$1,400usd
Gibson Acoustic Advanced Jumbo 6-string Acoustic Guitar.................$900usd
Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Modern Classic 6-string Acoustic Guitar............$1,400usd
Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Modern Classic 6-string Acoustic Guitar...................$1,880usd
Gibson Acoustic Songmaker Series DSM 6-string Acoustic Guitar...............$400usd
Gibson Acoustic Songmaker Series DSR 6-string Acoustic Guitar.................$700usd
Gibson Acoustic Limited Edition J-60 Bone Crusher III 6-string Acoustic Guitar...................$2.000usd
Gibson Acoustic J-185 True Vintage 6-string Acoustic Guitar........................$1,500usd

PIONEER CDJ-1000 MK3 PLAYER??..$400.00
PIONEER CDJ-800 MK3 PLAYER ???$330.00
PIONEER CDJ-1000 MK2 PLAYER ??..$200.00
PIONEER CDJ-800 MP3 MK2 PLAYER ???$250.00
PIONEER DJM 1000?$450.00
PIONEER DJM 800?..$400.00
PIONEER DJM 600?.$300.00
Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD ??..$450.00
Pioneer - SVM-1000 Digital Video Mixer?????..$1000.00

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