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Reload this Page Who invented the 'smashing your guitar ' technique?
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Who invented the 'smashing your guitar ' technique?
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Default Who invented the 'smashing your guitar ' technique? - 06-15-2008, 01:34 PM

Smashing a $3000 guitar is fun and healthy for everyone! It's the ultimate solution for the pissed off rocker with an attitude, this is how one manages his anger... it thrills the audience and puts a smile on everyone's face, with the crowd chanting "Destroy!" "Destroy!".

Well, not really. I actually feel sick when I see such a beautiful and expensive instrument destroyed onstage (my avatar actually mocks this deed), it gives me this ill feeling like "why didn't he just give the guitar to me". Which just consumes me more with hopelessness. Okay, maybe I am being a bit melodramatic. But who enjoys watching a $3000 piece of art (precision guitar) getting shredded to pieces like string cheese on a hot day? Yeah, yeah, it's the onstage show biz, right? For me, and for show biz, I'd rather see Gene Simmons spit blood and shoot fire out of his ass... but that's just me.

With that said, Pete Townshend is the Godfather of smashing guitars! He made an art of it.. and this leads me to the question as to how can he afford this? Okay, professional musicians (The Who) make a damn good income. But even at a couple grand a pop, that adds up, right? Well My guess is 'maybe' Fender and Gibson sponsor the guitars? Or maybe the guitar is actually worth more reformed into fine shreds of toothpicks? Well, this could be the case. I have found some photos of some of these 'useless' slabs of wood [guitars] in glass cases. A Pete Townshend autographed smashed guitar could sell for upper thousands! Who would have thunk it? A smashed to bits, what was, a beautiful and playable instrument is now worth more than brand new....

And here is a Video of The Godfather (Pete Townshend) smashing his last Fender on 07.24.2004 at Tokyo, Yokahama Stadium. I believe this was the last guitar he destroyed on stage. He now only destroys guitars for charity.

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