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Default 01-23-2011, 10:05 PM

OK, here's the latest version of my main playing gear...

I have 2 pedalboards. The first one shown below is kept at church and used with either my Strat or C-356 and my Egnater Tweaker amp.
Everything is run in front of the amp for this smaller setup. The second board is my home/recording board (a heavy back breaker beast).
It utilizes the amp's F/X send/return loop for the modulation and time-based effects (but this can be bypassed if I ever need to run
everything in front of the amp). I also love the Tweaker with this setup.

I keep my amp set clean (USA, Vintage, Clean, Bright, Deep) with the Gain at 9 o'clock and the Treble/Mid/Bass/Master Volume to taste.
I find this is a wonderful combination that lets me go from Fender cleans to as much Marshally crunch, etc. (love the Crunch Box).
The amp is kept off the floor on a tilt-back stand and is mic'd slightly off-axis of the center of the cone.

Praise Band setup:

Recording setup:

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