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Sell your gear at The Gear Vault! (look inside for more info)
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Default Sell your gear at The Gear Vault! (look inside for more info) - 10-05-2007, 08:31 AM opened a brother site for musicians buying, selling, promoting, and trading gear... exclusively! It's The Gear Vault and totally free to list your gear, wanted ads, Demo CDs / Band promotions, services, and much more!

It's a safe way to trade your gear! We're committed to trust and safety to prevent internet scams and fraud. We have a thorough trust and safety checkster for buyers and sellers. And offer a verification Icon to sellers for the extra edge. Our focus is combining message board users to one exclusive gear trader site. Trust and safety is our priority!

The plan all started when I was listing gear on eBay. At the end of the final sale, I realized eBay took a significant amount of my cash, not to mention their crazy listing and photo fees. After paying that kind of money, it's impossible to get in touch with a human eBay staff agent when an issue occurs. They'll send out a automated email which is totally insignificant to the problem or issue at hand.

After seeing so many phishing ads on eBay, honest members relentlessly reporting it to the eBay staff, one would assume that eBay would correct that problem a.s.a.p. Not so much. EBay's safety is really sacrificing while the fees are increasing.

That's why I welcome everyone to The Gear Vault! It's an exclusive community for musicians and music gear. Did I mention it's free to list? The only charge is a small percentage of the final value sale. If you don't sell your item, you don't pay! Why should anyone take a significant amount of final selling fees anyhow? That's another reason why NOT to deal with eBay and their darn near 4% FVS fee. The Gear Vault only charges 1.5% - 2% (depending on the final sale price.) Just enough to cover our expenses in web hosting, software upgrades, and security measures.

We love music and music gear. This is our way to give back to message forum communities all across the world wide web.

Sign up today and start selling!

P.S. The Gear Vault also offers your own personal store for dedicated sellers!

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