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I pulled a Rick Nielsen!
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Default I pulled a Rick Nielsen! - 07-12-2009, 04:52 PM

I got to church early today and found the simplest song to figure out on mandolin. (Last weekend was the first time I played mandolin in public ever. I still don't know very many chords and have to figure them out based on guitar chords.) So the band director arrives and says "Mandolin sounds great on the song, but I kinda wanted you to do a guitar solo at the end." (I should mention that apparently I'm our only guitarist who can extemporaneously solo.)

No prob. For the song, I strap on both a guitar and a mando. I play the song on mandolin, we get to the end, I flip the mando out of the way, and play the guitar solo. We were doing a run-through right before church, a few people were already there, and I said "I just want everyone to know this was Joel's (band director) idea." The entire band and a couple people in the pews cracked up. I'd never strapped on 2 instruments at once for as long as I've played.

Have you ever seen this done in church (or otherwise, besides Nielsen)? Like I said, I only did it to fulfill my band director's wishes for the song, but it still seems kind of a "flash" thing for church (even though I tried not to play it up-- I was too intent on switching instruments).

Tell me your thoughts.
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