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FSOT: 2004 Custom 24 Artist Quilt Package
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Default FSOT: 2004 Custom 24 Artist Quilt Package - 03-22-2013, 11:26 AM

I've just never bonded with my 2004 Custom 24/ Blue Matteo/ Really tight Quilted Artist Package/ Standard Neck Carve. She weighs in at 7 lbs 14 oz.(According to a digital fishing scale).
She's "as new" as they come. Others call her mint, but I donít use that term. A solid 9.8-9.9 of 10. I have some gold/abalone knobs on her & will include original knobs, some gold pickup rings & all case candy in the special Presentation leather case. Never gigged & probably has less than 10 hours on her. I'm starting to get a stiffy for some other guitars & can't see having this & not playing it. I ordered & bought her new myself, when the retail was about $4,880 with the quilt artist pack costing $1680.
Iím thinking that by posting it on this & a couple other forums, thinking I might actually get a fair price for it I've attached some lousy pics to give you an idea just how pretty she is. I WILL consider trades & trades plus cash to me. I canít afford to add any cash at this time. Iím particularly interested in a 513(Maple top or possibly a Swamp Ash), 408, even a CE or 2 plus cash or some other special PRS. Other brands will be considered, but I do have a taste for the unusual & the beautifulÖyes, I can be shallow, hehe! Surprise me! You never know, but serious offers/questions only, OK? Iím not desperate & donít need to sell. Iíd just rather have something Iíd use more. $2250 is the asking price & trade value. I have plenty of references too!

The preferred contact method is email to : . PMs will be answered, but email is faster!
Just to clarify, I'm leaning towards another PRS, but all reasonable offers will be considered. Preferences are Korina, swamp ash or mahogany W/ maple body, double cutaway, nickel/chrome hardware, trem preferred, but you never know what will grab me!.

PS Ė I LOVE KORINA & Iíve got a hankering for something purple!!!

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