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Re: Belated Birthday New Guitar Day!
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Default Re: Belated Birthday New Guitar Day! - 05-21-2008, 11:29 PM

Originally Posted by characterzero
Wow, it seems from my experience that people over at Harmony Central are reallly nice, good people. That looks like a cool buy, and the P-90s should be interesting.
I've met several of the people over there irl. Jammed with bbreaker (he's the one with over 100 guitars, almost all really nice expensive ones), and played several shows with several other guys (one guy from Phoenix who I already had mutual friends with, a band that came through town from Ohio, and another band that came down for a show from Jacksonsville). All good experiences.

Depends on where you go over at H-C though. I stay out of Open Jam-- it's a zoo, tons of insults and trolling. Electric Guitars is best, and then Guitar Jam, though the latter can get out of hand occasionally.
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