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Originally Posted by ninja636
Sweet. I wish I could have come across some of this gear , actually I did, back in the 80's. I just wasn't much of a gearhead as I try to be now. I say try cause I allways find some other doo dad or gadget that catches my fancy, and tell myself "I can get one of those off of SleazeBay later".
Almost all of this stuff, with the sole excpetion of the Sunn head, was bought locally, where I had a chance to actually see it in person and try it out. A bit harder to resist a deal in person. :winkx:

Speaking of deals,here's another vintage amp I got, simply because it was a good deal:

It's a Randall RB120, my guess is that indicates it's rated at 120 Watts. It's a sold state 1x15 combo bass amp that I'm guessing dates from the '80's. Bought it in a local private sale for $75 iirc. Decent sound, enough power for a small unmic'd gig. Only downside is that the connection between the speaker and amp is a little loose, and the loose bit is in the sealed-back cab. I can usually fix it by jiggling the top portion of the connector cable, but the vibration from playing shakes it loose again. Very frustrating.

I've found a cheap fix however. The reason it shakes loose is that there's only four small points of contact with the floor-- the casters. If you lay the amp on it's side where it's got a big space to disperse the vibration, it won't shake loose. Sounds crazy but works every time.
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