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what a week :-D 2 new toys
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Default what a week :-D 2 new toys - 05-19-2008, 06:29 PM

what a week i have had so far.......

first sunday a friend of the family (older gentleman) was cleaning his out building and found a couple of guitars, and gave them to me..... one was what appears to be a 60's kay acoustic, that is in really rough shape, it was so bad i just stuck it away for now, all the joints were comming apart, the top is like all covered in a glue like substance, i don't think there is any hope of ressurecting that one.

the second one was a 1962-1964 Wandre / Don Noble "teenager" this guitar looks very, er lets say vintage lol, it's a hollow body with a generic single cut shape, oddest part about him is the ALUMINUM neck, i though as i was cleaning this one up this is gonna sound like crap....... it actually sound GOOD lol, it seriously lacks sustain which i would have though it would have awesome sustain with the aluminum neck, but nope, might be because of the 9's on it though all i had and that is partly the reason i don't like 9's

and the final and IMO best part of the week BC Rich ST-III NJ...... this guitar is gawd-like for a bolt on neck / super strat....... i thought i'd have a rough time playing it due to the 25.5" scale but i was wrong the neck is smooth, and FAST i have never played guitar like i can on this guy.... he is impressive..... i actually am liking it better than my les paul atm...... OH MY GOD SOMEONE SMACK ME!!!!!!! i can't believe i said i like it better than my les paul lol... i seriously can't believe i like this guitar it has everything i don't like about guitars, a bolt on neck, a kahler spyder trem, single coils, and it's light reeally light :-\ feels like i'm gonna break it after hanging a les paul around my neck, almost forgot how light a strat style guitar is

i'll put up pictures as soon as i can take them

stuff it....... then bake it.......
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