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Re: Anyone here know how to do frets?
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Default Re: Anyone here know how to do frets? - 05-20-2008, 12:09 AM

a fret job is significantly more difficult to do than a setup, a certain degree of carpentry / luthier skill is involved, it is very difficult to get the frets off that are on there without damaging the fretboard, re-fretting an unfretted guitar is a not too bad but getting them off sucks, tools you'd require are a sanding block with the same radius as your fret board, and a few various fine grit metal files........ i have tried a few times in my life, and i would NOT recommend doing it yourself on a guitar you can't afford to really fuck up, because i willalmost garuntee you will fuck up the guitar the first few times you try it lol, search google, there are a ton of building sites with fretting how-to's..... i'll look around later and see if i can locate a few good tutorials......

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