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Re: Big News for Ovation Breadwinner Fans?!
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Default Re: Big News for Ovation Breadwinner Fans?! - 05-28-2008, 04:54 PM

Originally Posted by MrSandMan
Is he making more like the guitar on the right? I like the headstock. I also noticed the control knobs are bigger and the 1/4" jack is located in the rear.
The one on the right is the original made by Ovation, and long out of production. The new ones are clones with some differences, such as the ones you pointed out. This will be the second Ovation solidbody clone that Eastwood has made. They also made a clone of the old Ovation GP, which is the guitar Josh Homme plays. The GP is a much more rare Ovation solidbody (only 250-1000 made).

Originally Posted by MrSandMan
Looks like you take good care of your gear. What year is the original?
Are you thinking the white one in the first pic above is mine? It's not. Mine is this blue one:

The My Rare Guitars site doesn't have a date on the white Ovation they're selling, but going by the pickups (those are big single coils, they later changed to humbuckers similar to the mini's in the Eastwood clone) it should be aabout the same age as mine, around 1973.
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