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New Bass Day (by proxy)
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Default New Bass Day (by proxy) - 07-30-2009, 10:58 AM

This last Sunday was my daughter's 16th birthday.

About 10 days prior, I had some time to kill so I went pawn shopping.

I came across a Peavey USA Foundation bass in pearl white, with a maple neck. It's a little beat up cosmetically, had a sticker I needed to remove, and was missing a string. But it seemed to play OK. Here's some pics of similar ones:

Here is even a pic of a bald guy from Russia playing one:

It was tagged at $99. Seemed like it'd be a great birthday present for my daughter. She has been borrowing my basses, so this would be the first one that's all hers. I did a search and from what I'm seeing these are pretty well regarded, and I know from experience (I own a Peavey Predator Strat, a T-60, and a Fury I bass) that Peavey USA stuff is built like a tank.

So I went back the very next morning and bought it!

I kept it at my office until the actual day of my daughter's birthday, cleaning it up, removing the sticker, and replacing the missing string.

Here's her birthday:

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