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Hard rock sound from Marshall JCM900?
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Question Hard rock sound from Marshall JCM900? - 07-15-2011, 03:41 PM

I have a Marshall JCM900 50-watt high gain dual-reverb model 4502 early Nineties 2x12 combo with stock Celestion G12T-75 speakers. Iím not getting a sound that Iím satisfied with -- thereís no bottom end. Iím thinking of changing the speakers to Celestion Vintage 30s. Will doing this improve the situation? If so, should I use eight- or 16-ohm speakers, and what difference would ohm rating make in the sound? My amp has a switch that lets me select either ď8Ē or ď4(16),Ē and Iím not sure what that does either.

Do you suggest replacing the tubes as well? I read that the 6CA7 would be a good replacement for the EL34. I play hard rock, mostly in a cover band, and I really love the early Van Halen sound. The Marshall half stack and the EVH stuff is out of my price range these days, so Iím trying some alternative (i.e., cheaper) ideas to get that sound Iím looking for.
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