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Need Help Setting up home studio...
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Default Need Help Setting up home studio... - 01-29-2008, 12:14 AM

OK, me and the wife just bought a "new" house, and I FINALLY get to have my own room for my guitar stuff(and video game stuff). I want to get into home recording, so some suggestions on gear to start with would be helpful. I prefer a ProTools based DAW, as I have an awesome gaming PC I built myself, but can build another for just music. I also have a 53" HD(DLP) tv I plug my PC's into, so seeing all the Protools on screen aint a problem. I heard you either have to have a BIG moniter, or TWO smaller ones to take advantage of all the onscreen controls. The room I'm setting up in also has hardwood floors, great acoustic guitar sounds, but I heard for recording they can be a nightmare, so some sound wave control advice would be helpful too. Thanks.

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