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Here's one that many of you already know but I post it for any newbies...

If you strap button screw seems loose (i.e., the hole in the guitar body is "stripped") or if you're putting on a new set of strap locks that use a thinner screw than the original one that came with the guitar, you can save the cost of taking the guitar to a professional luthier to fix by following these simple steps:
  • Get a wooden "farmers" match stick
  • Put some wood glue on it (don't over do it or you'll have a mess) and use it to plug the screw hole (the match should fit snuggly into the hole)
  • Cut off the match so that it is flush with the body (i.e., trim the part sticking out - this should be the "blue tip" end of the match)
  • Let the glue dry and "set up" (usually an hour is plenty of time)
  • Now install the new strap locks and thread its new (thinner) screw carefully into the plugged hole and you should have a solid, snug set!

LOL - I just saw that Brian beat me to it on this tip!

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