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Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$)
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Default Re: The Tips and Tricks Thread (home remedies to save $$$) - 08-27-2008, 10:09 PM

I use good ole' spit to clean the gunk off my frets,fretboard, and basically everywhere on my axe. For the really tough caked on gunk, I use naptha(zippo lighter fluid). Then use lemon oil rightr after to re- "wet" the wood. When I'm setting intonation or doing some other maintenence on my axe where I have to loosen all the strings, I use popsicle sticks to hold my Floyd up from being pulled into the recess by the springs. If you stack them, they'll hold. Instead of paying 14 bucks for a little bitty bottle of "Nut Sauce", I use mineral oil to lube the nut and rollers on my bridge, it helps to make your tuning a lot more "stable", especially with a tremelo. Before doing this I use to break strings even when tuning down. Graphite works really good too(think pencil lead). Mineral oil can also be used(sparingly) to wipe your strings down with. Look at the main ingredient for "Fast Fret".

Edit: You can also use the mineral oil to play a joke on your drummer or bass player, just pour a good dose of it in his/her drink, it's tastless and odorless. Makes a GREAT laxative, as a matter of fact, thats what it is!

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