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stvnford 05-02-2010 08:34 AM

Give aways

In celebration of the release of OOOM (Out Of Our Minds) we are doing a special giveaway. Here is your chance to win an Ampeg Micro VR Stack and MAdM personally hand painted Zvex Effects Wooly Mammoth guitar pedal.

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:39 AM

Luis Fonsi Signed Les Paul Giveaway

Enter Now For A Chance To Win A One of a Kind 2010 Billboard Latin Conference & Awards Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar Signed By Luis Fonsi!

Luis Fonsi, from Puerto Rico is a Latin Grammy winning pop and rock artist who started out singing in boy bands (including Big Guys with future ‘NSYNC star Joey Fatone) in Florida in the ‘90s. While studying at Florida State he won a record deal with Universal Latino.

His 2005, album, Paso a Paso, while still Latin pop in feel was more rock in approach with guitars featured heavily. Paso a Paso debuted at number two on the Top Latin Albums chart, establishing Fonsi as a genuine international rock and pop star.

That trademark Les Paul shape in an economical package, including to open-coil Alnico V Humbucker pickups for great classic sound and the Tune-o-matic bridge/Stopbar tailpiece combo for sustain and that signature tone.
Sponsored by Gibson

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:41 AM

Skeletonwitch Guitar Giveaway
All of the members of Skeletonwitch signed a First Act ax before leaving on their tour supporting Cannibal Corpse. Enter for your chance to win!
Sponsored by Revolver Magazine.

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:42 AM

Guitar Strips Guitar Strap giveaway
Enter to win a 3” wide custom black slider pad strap with white initials and a 1-1/2” belt with rope edge buckle set. You must be over 18 years of age. You may enter up to once a day. Drawing for this custom guitar strap will be held July 18, 2010.

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:44 AM

Girls Guitar Giveaway
For the ladies, or men who are REALLY comfortable with who they are....

Enter to win a Rock Candy in Revolution PINK Guitar autographed by Giant Drag and a signed copy of their new "Swan Song" EP.

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:45 AM

Leiana Omen Schecter Giveaway
Enter to win the Leiana Omen Schecter.

Leiana, one of the freshest and most articulate artists to emerge in the alt-rock scene in quite some time, has signed with FOF Label Group for the release of her upcoming new album "Lucky #3", which is slated to hit stores on May 18th, 2010. Leiana's Lucky #3 is an action packed rock/metal/punk extravaganza that features an all star line-up of musicians, which include Sean Danielson form Smile Empty Soul, Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, Brett Scallion of Fuel, John Tempesta of White Zombie and The Cult, and Ken Schalk of Candiria.
Sponsored by

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:47 AM

Play your way through Mississippi - with a new guitar
This musical road trip package includes 6 nights of accomodations, a gas card, attraction passes and a custom designed Peavey Special Electric Guitar.

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:49 AM

SLASH Autographed Guitar Giveaway
Enter to win a guitar autographed by Slash.

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:50 AM

Digidesign Eleven Rack
The Digidesign Eleven Rack Hardware features unique True-Z auto-impedance matching guitar input, incredible emulations of classic guitar amp tones inspired by Fender, Vox, Marshall, Soldano, and Mesa/Boogie® amps, refined collection of sought-after classic stompbox tones inspired by effects from MXR, Electro-Harmonix, Ibanez, ProCo, Univox, and more and a powerful collection of studio-quality rackmount effects processors.

Also includes Award-winning Pro Tools LE 8 recording, editing, and mixing software — now optimized for guitar players!
Sponsored by Premier Guitar

MSRP: $1,259

stvnford 05-02-2010 08:53 AM

Guitar Pedal Giveaway - Every Friday

This week - Jetter Helium Overdrive

Jetter Helium
Here we have the all new Jetter Helium overdrive pedal. The Helium is a low gain overdrive pedal that was designed to not sound like a pedal but to sound like a tube amp that is just on the edge of overdrive. Now we know that there are a lot of low gain overdrive pedals out there, but there are not many like this. The Jetter Helium retains full clarity and transparency while providing musical sounding overdrive with none of the non-musical artifacts. The Helium has a bit less gain on tap than the Jetdrive with a low end response that is more akin to a piano than a pedal. The Jetter Helium is great for pushing the front end of an amplifier or a pedal, even those pedals that don’t get along with others.
Jetter Helium
> The Jetter Helium is a very musical sounding overdrive pedal. This low gain monster is the perfect addition to any pedal collection. The Jetter Helium is a perfect low gain boost for getting that extra bit of overdrive from your amp or boosting your other overdrive pedals into lead territory. The Tone control acts more like a treble carburetor with the ability to mix the high frequencies either Lean or Rich. With the neutral tone at 2 o’clock, the Jetter Helium is perfect for trimming off some high end to achieve that “woman” tone that we all love for the smooth solos. The Jetter Helium is you and your pedals next best friend. It gets along with everyone and is really great to listen to.
Jetter Helium Features:

* Very Musical Low Gain Overdrive
* True Bypass
* Standard -9vdc or Battery Operation

MSRP - $199

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