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JMCatrow 07-13-2007 04:00 PM

Whats up all? My name is Justin and I'm new to the forum... I found out about it by a myspace bulletin about a cover song contest so I came to check it all out.

I'm 28 and live in Inwood,WV and I'm the guitar player & founder of a metal band called, BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN. Of course most people know the name from the Pantera song... but even though its the same, my meaning & reason for choosing it has nothing to do with their song. From their song lyric it sounds like some sort of religious demon type of meaning... the reason and meaning I wanted it for has to do with personal demons... to be driven & motivated by your personal demons instead of consumed & brought down by them... but anyway...

Just wanted to post our myspace address in here in case anyone wants to check out some of our tunes. We've recorded our first EP, "Through Dying Eyes", last October and its been available through us since January 2007. In March of 2007 we entered a nationwide battle-of-the-bands called "Headbang For The Highway" in which we placed 1st Runner-Up in round1 and were invited back to perform in the Wild Card Round for a shot at moving on to the Finals in Los Angeles. But major internal problems in the band nixed that opportunity. Since I was the founder, wrote 90% of the material, and handled 100% of the business side of things, BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN stayed with me, the singer quit music altogether, and the other guys went their own way. Needless to say I am trying to pick up the pieces and get the machine rolling again. So, if you're a talented & serious musician in the WV, VA, MD, PA, D.C. area and would like to get together to jam and see how things go... get at me through our Myspace or by my email listed here on the forum.

I'm finishing up material for the second record right now and if I dont find the right band members by fall, I'll be enlisting a few friends to help me record it. So if you're not interested in joining a band, but maybe in being a hired-gun for recording purposes... get ahold of me as well and let me know.

So, you can check out BDBD at our Myspace at: and check out some live videos at:

bassturd 07-14-2007 01:02 AM

cool band man!, definitely like the name of it, i checked out your youtube vids, solid stuff, keep rockin :hbang:

indytruckboy 07-19-2007 10:22 PM

Sounds good! :hbang:

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