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MattDallow 08-13-2015 07:04 PM

Samson Airline AG1 problem HELP!
Hey everyone, just joined this site now. Looks like a great community.

So I just wrote to Samson via their website on this, but, was hoping to figure it out tonight. Their customer service line is closed for the evening.

I bought the Airline AG1 and it totally rocked and did exactly what I needed it to do. The transmitter came with a triple A battery in it. I used that for rehearsals for a show. Then before the big open dress rehearsal, I decided to try replacing that battery, just to be safe. And the power light would go on for a second and then shut off. With both batteries from that pack. I assumed I got a bad pack, put the battery it came with back in, and it worked great. Then I did a show and that battery died mid show. And I had to go back to being tethered by a pesky cable! I can't go back to that life!

Anyhow, I just bought a new pack of batteries (mind you i bought all high end batteries, so it's not like grey market dollar store batteries are the problem), and the exact same thing happened. It makes no sense because it worked fine with the one it came with.

Anybody have any ideas as to what this could be??

Thanks so much!

MattDallow 08-13-2015 09:13 PM

ignore that last message and troll at will
the red light must only turn on when it's low battery!(i've been an acoustic musician for a while till recently and lost the manual for the unit).

no light means all systems are go... ha!

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