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V-Type 02-28-2008 08:08 PM

FT: Odd vintage tubes.
Well i have 13 odd tubes from a few 60's and 70's amps. None are broken but im unsure how strong they test. I do know they were all pulled from working amps(my uncle was a radio/tv/amp repairman in the 60's.
Pics soon. I need a good neck hum for an Epi LP.
Philco USA 6C9
Sylvania USA 6U8
Sylvania USA 6BE6
Philco Japan 12BA6 x2
Sylvania USA 6BA6
Philco Japan 12AU6
Philco Japan 6AV6
Philco Japan 12BE6
Sylvania USA 6AL5
Philco Japan 12AL5

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