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MrSandMan 09-27-2007 09:59 AM

Your veins are razor sharp
Your veins are razor sharp, black charcoal heart in the coldest mark. Punished eyes; avenging lies, anger dies, false pride, nothing to lose. Repression, depression eternity we know no truth.

Time on the back side your hate side. What button did you think why. I'm just you on the inside. Foreseen, displeased, you dream you're pretty and pity all the tears and the fears that brought you here.

Look in the mirror, hopeless fate took you near, that’s clear, nothing but tendered pleasure. What grips what trips up the soul and the soil for what's soiled and spoiled like you. Spoiled and a foil to all that you knew.

You're hate and I'm violence, so pick violins, prick silence and you're not just touching anymore. You're so cold and jaded just like me. –Becoming

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