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mmcquain 04-20-2010 01:57 AM

Need info on this old acoustic...
HELP - Can anybody give me any info on this guitar (e.g., maker's name, history, value, etc.)?
All I know is that it was given to my grandfather back in the 1920's by his older brother so he
could learn to play. It's been in the family for years but nobody seems to know its early history
(i.e., when/where my great-uncle may have gotten it, etc. before he gave it to granddad).
Any info would be much appreciated - Thanks!!!

mmcquain 04-20-2010 12:29 PM

Here's a little more history on this guitar...

Granddad was born in 1916 and grew up in a typical W.Va. farming family of the time,
where music was often used as the only form of entertainment since radio and the
phonograph were just coming into mass usage. And TV was still years away. His dad
(my great-grandfather) played the fiddle (see pics below). And two of his brothers tried
their hands at guitar and fiddle. This is how granddad described his early musical history:

"The accordion was the first thing I tried. The second was the guitar. I learned at first
by trial and error then later I learned from any one who would take the time to show
something new. After I got the mandolin a man by the name of Norman Wright got me
started on the mandolin. Dad played the fiddle and sometimes you might get him to
play the juice harp. Dad and I played in the fiddlers contest one year when I was about
12 years old (circa. 1928). Dad got honorable mention. Dad was fairly good. I was
playing the guitar at this time. Jay tried to play the guitar but didn't last very long.
I guess that is why he gave me that guitar that you now have. Also Albert was like me,
he played the fiddle but not very good."

My great-aunt also played the accordian and the family would play together after dinner.
The photo below shows granddad on guitar, great-granddad on fiddle, and my great-aunt
with the accordian. This picture is from around 1925-1930. The second photo is older and
shows granddad as a younger kid under the family's phonograph (great-granddad is
playing fiddle).

Later, in the 1930's-40's granddad sometimes played piano (and a little guitar) with a
local country dance band. And years later he gave me my first acoustic guitar when I
was around 2 years old. I sat on it and broke it! Later, he loaned me his Fender Vibro
Champ amp (early 70's model - wish I still had it) and taught me some guitar chords
and how to play the walking "boogie woogie" bass line on guitar.

He (and my dad) were big Chet Atkins and Les Paul fans and I give them a lot of credit
for helping and encouraging me when I first started playing guitar. I remember many
a nights watching Roy Clark on Hee-Haw with them and talking about music in general.

speakerjones 04-20-2010 04:12 PM

Very cool looking instrument! I didn't find anything after a brief internet search. I can recommend some stores that can probably identify it though. They may or may not charge to do so.

Elderly Instruments

Gruhn Guitars

Mandolin Brothers

stvnford 04-21-2010 01:08 PM

Here's something I learned about older guitars...

Try using a mirror to look on the back side of the front 'panel' - some makes use to put info there -- as to not 'flaunt' who made it.

And... what a great looking guitar -- love the inlays..


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