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Brian Krashpad 09-08-2009 01:06 PM

Debut of new church side band-- with usual crappy pics
The praise band leader from church writes his own material, so we formed a trio, called Pedagogy, to do his stuff separately. Not in services but at other church things and eventually even secular venues. We played at a welcome back BBQ for the college youth this Friday night and it went pretty well. In the trio I play bass, and the praise band leader sings and mostly plays keyboards but some guitar, plus the praise band drummer, a high school kid.

Prior to us going on was a girl who sang solo while playing acoustic guitar. She did OK but nothing special. Then there was a long break. We had a lot of PA problems as we were playing outside and the PA had to be carted out from the Fellowship Hall where it usually resides. Rather than tax the PA with running the bass through it, I brought 2 cabs. The big one, a 15", was pointed back towards the drummer so he could hear me. The little one, a 2x10 that had been modded from a Peavey PA cab (now w/Carvin bass speakers in), faced outward and towards me and the crowd. The keyboards ran through a little keyboard amp used as a stage monitor, and then into the PA. Not sure how the guitar was set up, but I'm guessing it was just played through a stage amp (a small Laney iirc).

Although the weather looked threatening at the start, it didn't rain. The set went pretty well, although the singer went up on his lyrics on one song and actually stopped it and restarted, which I would never do. By then it was dark, though I was the only one with cheats (a little light was brought out out so I could see them) anyhow.

Here are the only 4 pics, including probably the second-worst pic of me ever.

The band that came after us was really really bad. Funny, but terrible. Made us look good though.

As usual your comments on my poseritude are not only welcomed but encouraged. But this isn't really a crazed over-the-top type band that lends itself towards the big rock pose, as you can see. In fact, I'm not sure it's even rock.

MrSandMan 09-08-2009 04:07 PM

Re: Debut of new church side band-- with usual crappy pics
Did this gig happen in Florida? Looks like a lot of fun so as long as no gators come out to play! You need to get some recordings from gigs Brain, I'd love to hear em. I like that kids drums... is that a monkey? Nice!

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