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Kniferius 04-23-2015 01:27 PM

POLICE DISTORTION - BOSS OS-2 MOD(DIY) - with YouTube samples
Hey Girls and Guys,
I am new on this Forum. I am looking for people that would like to cooperate and help me to improve my projects giving me some comments, tips and tricks. I love building stompboxes and now I would like to show you something (maybe) interesting.
I am counting on interesting tips and comments in this Thread!!
I would like to present you one of my DIY mods of effect pedals. This time it came to totally broken Boss OS-2 which got a second life and turned into POLICE DISTORTION.


- because I have painted it darkblue (like old European Police Cars)
- because it has blue and red light on the top of it (which are glowing whenewer you play)
- because if it stops you - It really stops you for days.

Here are some photos:

I also need to say that it has not only lightning LED DIODES but also a 1cm hill which is glowing as well.
Why?? Because for this modification it was neccessary to make an additional layer of PCB! (Double layered electronic).
Which I made "of course" by myself (with a small help from my colleagues)

The hill looks like that and it glows whenever the Stompbox is ON, so that you can find it in any circumstances in darkness or at the rehersals.
The hill is done from glass fibre reinforced polymer (the only material I had in this time).

As you can see it is a bit higher than real BOSS Stompbox (but it has also much bigger Transistor 2n2219 and more diodes).

Here some other photos of this Stompbox:

If you are more interested about how it sounds, please, visit this ling to my First YouTube Video:

I am always happy to receive some tips, tricks, or comments, so that I can do next film better.

If you need an additional information about this modification (schematic, additional samples, simulations) just write me a message on my facebook fanpage.
You can also ask about modification of other pedals, guitar wiring, stombox building, etc. I am always ready to answer an interesting question!
Maybe You can - like always - learn me how to build your own Pedal and help me with my problems… - than let’s do this together!!!
I will be glad to receive some feedback from You.

Here is my Facebook Fanpage adres:

Hope You will Enjoy It.


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